Business Property Solicitors

We assist a wide range of developers, contractors, investors, buyers and sellers on all aspects of business property.

As specialists in this area we are not only able to advise on the legal issues that impact on owners of business property but also on contemporary market trends that may make a difference to your proposed deal.

We would wish to work closely with you to understand the detail of proposals in order to assist you in securing the contract you want on the most favourable terms possible.

Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals as cost effectively as possible within your timeframe.

For further advice or to instruct us please contact our business law solicitors, StevenSimon, Chris or Rebecca on 01752 668246 or send an email by clicking here.

If you are looking for a business property solicitor in Plymouth, Plympton, Plymstock and the surrounding area, choose the Plymouth business property solicitors, Gard & Co. Solicitors.

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