Why Instruct Gard & Co?

  • free initial consultation
  • friendly service
  • specialist team
  • very experienced
  • good and careful communication
  • regular progress reports
  • highly competitive charges
  • excellent negotiation skills
  • out of hours contact
  • help to:
    • improve prospects of sale
    • appoint the correct transfer agent
    • obtain business finance
    • formulate purchase offer


Free initial consultation

We offer a free initial consultation so that you do not have to worry about running up a bill by contacting us to see if we can help you with your needs.

Friendly service

Despite what you might have heard or even experienced yourself, solicitors in most cases are only human beings and in order to work well for you, need to enjoy what they do. Whilst the legal process can be fraught with difficulties, particularly where there has been no advance preparation, we will work very hard to secure your objectives in a friendly and cheerful manner.

Specialist team

As specialists we are able to tailor our services to your needs. In practice this means that, if required, we will “work around the clock” to ensure that the deal you have worked so hard to line up, is contracted on time and on the best legal terms achievable in the circumstances.

Very experienced

Over the years we have acted in the sale of most types of business from small leasehold lock-up shops to substantial nursing/residential homes and multi-million pound factory based businesses. We have acted not only in the sale and purchase of exhibitions, pubs, clubs, restaurants and shops but also in respect of wholesale, distribution, service industry and industrial businesses as well as goodwill only going concerns of all types and sizes.

As specialists providing a service that is primarily telephone or email orientated we act for clients all over the country. It is much more beneficial for you to instruct an experienced specialist rather than a solicitor just because he is local to you.

Good careful communications

We cannot afford to make mistakes in communication either with you or third parties on your behalf. We set out our stall, primarily, on our abilities to ensure that throughout your transaction we will communicate verbally and in writing with all concerned on a regular basis and in a careful manner. This extends to negotiations on your behalf.

It is often surprising what can be achieved by such an approach. Conversely, a few ill chosen words alone can kill a transaction stone dead. You need to be confident that whoever you instruct is fully committed to your objective.

Highly competitive charges

Our stock in trade is our time. Our charge rates are calculated annually by reference to the cost of total overheads.

The firm is well managed and the budget is run tightly. In consequence our overheads are low and, therefore, our charge rates are very competitive when comparing like for like in the south west. When making comparisons further afield our rates are significantly lower than, e.g. the south east. For this reason we attract a large proportion of our work from out of our area.

Excellent negotiation skills

Unlike a house contract, which may run to 2 or 3 pages, a business acquisition agreement will be anything from 10 to 60 pages. There is no such thing as a standard contract which will be automatically accepted by both parties. However, because we know our field we can usually cut to the bottom line quickly for you. Therefore, we aim to spend as little time (and your money) as possible in obtaining the best contract for you in the circumstances presented.

How we approach the contract depends upon whether we act for you as the seller or the buyer. For instance, if you are a buyer it may be necessary to negotiate the incorporation of warranties into the contract to give a measure of protection for critical aspects of the business that the you are buying. In contrast, if you are selling a business you may wish to merely contract to sell the assets without offering any further protection for the buyer.

Proactive case management

Since we are dedicated to a specialist area of legal work, we have a stock of regularly updated legal documents, forms and questionnaires available for adaptation at the press of a button. This saves huge amounts of time and cost on drafting.

In consequence, we can spend more time on your transaction than others may be able to for the same cost. This enables us to liaise closely with you on the detail and tactics necessary to make sure you obtain the best contract terms within the most appropriate timescale.

Preparing for market

Our experiences of business sales means that we know what buyers are looking for when they view a business. Therefore, if you are selling your business, we can help you prepare for market in the right way.

We can provide you with free information to maximise your prospects of a quick sale. We can also help you to appoint the agent who is best suited to sell your type of business; this step alone can prove costly if taken in the wrong direction.

However, we can best assist you if you contact us well in advance of a sale.

Help to obtain business finance

Just as we specialise in business transfer legal work so there are commercial mortgage brokers who specialise in business finance. Whether you are a buyer looking for a loan or a seller looking to establish funding availability for a potential buyer, do not waste your time and money chasing “rainbows”. If the deal can be done, we will establish that for you fully and quickly from the people best placed to know.

Help to formulate a purchase offer

An offer may, out of necessity, involve a number of terms over and above simply the purchase price. This is particularly common with leasehold businesses. When considering leases you need to appreciate the implication of their terms. Very often the repair obligations are critical to a deal.

Again we can provide you with initial information free to help you establish your best course of action. If required, we can also quickly and cheaply summarise for you your proposed principal offer terms.

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