Why Choose Gard & Co. for Conveyancing?

•  no move no fee
•  efficient and accurate
•  stress reduction
•  hands-on case management
•  free written quotation
•  free 24/7 on-line estimate
•  dedicated
•  national reputation
•  fiercely independent – no referral fees

no move no fee

It is a sad reality that property sales fall through.  This can be very disappointing and the last thing you need is a legal bill arriving from your solicitor.  Therefore, if you decide not to proceed, for any reason, we will not charge you for our services (although we will need to be reimbursed for payments we have made to third parties on your behalf).  And we would be more than happy to act on your behalf again when you are ready to proceed at a later date.

efficient and accurate

We do not believe in waffle or unnecessary work.  We do believe that it is in everyone’s best interests to complete the legal conveyancing process as quickly as accuracy allows.  (See our article on gazumping).  We are dedicated to doing our utmost to complete the transaction within a timescale agreed with you.

stress reduction

Moving home is one of life’s big stress inducers.  To ease you through the process our experts will guide and support you, keeping you informed at all stages.  And, despite what you may have heard about solicitors, or previously experienced yourself, our specialists are only human and like to enjoy what they do.  Therefore, whilst a conveyancing transaction can be fraught with problems, we will work hard to secure your objectives in a friendly and cheerful manner.

hands-on case management

We take a positive, practical approach to managing your transaction, regularly communicating with the various parties involved.  This helps to ensure that everyone is working towards your goals and deadlines.

free written quotation

Contact us for a free quotation written in plain English.  This will clearly set out our fees and the other payments you will need to make to other parties so that you know exactly what you need to budget for.

free 24/7 online estimate

For an instant estimate of costs for properties up to £1 Million click here.  (NB Estimates do not apply to tenanted properties or houses in multiple occupancy.  For a free written quotation for such properties contact us.)


Our residential conveyancing specialists do residential conveyancing – nothing else.  They have dedicated themselves to pursuing your goals with speed and accuracy.

national reputation

We act for clients buying and selling property throughout England and Wales.  There is no need for us to be local to the property you are buying or selling.  It is more in your interests to instruct a lawyer who is experienced rather than one who just happens to be local.

fiercely independent – no referral fees

Since a change in the rules governing solicitors there has been a growing trend to ‘buy’ clients from estate agents and other sources by paying a referral fee.  We have taken a defiant stand against this practice, maintaining our professional independence.  Ultimately it is you that pays the referral fee, either through an inflated fee or by a rushed or poor quality conveyancing service, leaving your property at risk to undiscovered problems.

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