Appointment to the Law Society Council

09 Nov 2017

Gard & Co’s Managing Partner, Steven Hudson, has recently been appointed to the Law Society National Council.

The Council was set up to govern the Law Society under its Royal Charter.  Its function is to agree the strategic direction of the Society’s work.  This includes the annual business plan, budget and changes to policies and rules.

The Council’s fundamental role is to focus the Society’s efforts on behalf of its diverse membership of over 175,000 [latest figures from July 2016].  It has 100 seats with 61 representing geographic constituencies and 39 for special interest groups ranging from Junior Lawyers to LGBT to EU Matters.  Steven has been appointed to represent the West Country and Gwent with specific responsibility for Plymouth and Cornwall.

Image Showing the Law Society Council Structure

The Council meets 7 times a year and the appointment is for a 4 year term.  In addition to attending the meetings and participating in the formation of strategy, individual Council members are expected to:

  • liaise with solicitors within their constituency (geographical or special interest) so that their views are represented at Council meetings
  • represent solicitors in discussions with the government and public bodies
  • review the Society’s business plans and budgets and contributing to debate before they are finalised
  • liaise with members of the profession including the appropriate local law societies, sections and special interest groups, to explain the activities of the Law Society and report back to the Council
  • liaise with other external organisations as appropriate regarding the work of the Law Society
  • keep up to date with the work of the Society through policy and other papers
  • approve appointments to Council committees
  • approve appointment of the chief executive

Steven is a former President of both the Association of South Western Law Societies and Plymouth Law Society.  He is looking forward to the responsibility of being a Law Society Council member and is hoping that his experience in his previous roles will stand him in good stead for the challenges ahead.