What services can a business solicitor provide?

14 Feb 2019

Starting or running a business can be tricky, and even the best ideas and enthusiasm can use some expert help to make sure they succeed. The help of a business solicitor can be invaluable, whatever type of business you’re in, and they can assist with all aspects of business law, from shareholder agreements to business transfers. If you think you might need some professional help with your business, see below for a run through of some of the many services a business solicitor can provide.

Business leases

As the contract between a landlord and a business for the rental of property, a business lease is often the biggest commitment you’ll make when starting out. It’s a legal contract, and with some documents covering upwards of 50 pages, it’s vital to get it right! A business solicitor can help you wade through all the legal jargon and get the best possible deal, whether you’re applying for a new lease or renewing an existing one.

Business transfers

The transfer of a business can be complicated, and there are marked differences between a business and a company transfer. A business solicitor can work with you, your accountant, business transfer agent and anyone else necessary, to make sure you get the outcome you desire.

Debt recovery

Waiting for payments can be incredibly frustrating for businesses of any size, whether you’re a self employed individual or a large company. A solicitor can help you recover unpaid debts and late payments with services including; immediate demands sent to the debtors, commencing court proceedings and regular updates on how proceedings are unfolding.

Dispute resolution

Unfortunately, people won’t always see eye to eye, and many disputes can arise when dealing with businesses. You might need professional help with a commercial or partnership dispute, contracts regarding goods or services, or debt recovery. Business solicitors will have your best interests at heart, and will encourage mediation or alternative methods before the case resorts to court.

Shareholder agreements

This important document provides security for all shareholders or members of a company, protecting their investments and ensuring certain decisions cannot be made without the agreement of all shareholders. It might include clauses covering director appointments, transfer of shares and the amount of shares each partner holds.

Commercial development

There are many issues that can arise with commercial development, from site acquisition to planning agreements and acquiring the necessary rights. A business solicitor can work with you to identify any potential problems and help you plan and develop the site while avoiding legal difficulties.


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