Change of Name

For various reasons you may wish to change your name. You may want to change your name to a name you used previously or adopt a completely new name.

Our team of solicitors can make the process of changing your name quick and simple.

If you are married and take your spouse’s surname, your surname will not automatically revert to your former surname upon divorce. A Change of Name Deed will be necessary if you do not wish to be known by your former spouse’s surname and are not planning on reverting to your maiden name.

You are free to change your name at any time, even if you are going through matrimonial proceedings.

You may also wish to change the name of any children that live with you. In order to do so you will need parental responsibility for those children and the consent of any other party who also has parental responsibility.

A Change of Name Deed becomes effective on the day that it is signed. You will need to inform various organisations of your change of name such as your employer, the Passport Office and the DVLA so that documents can be issued in your new name. We will provide you with the original Change of Name Deed, together with as many certified copies as you require at no extra charge.

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