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Our inquest solicitors can help if you need to attend a Coroner’s Inquest. Whether you  are a relative of the deceased, an expert or a witness to events, we can guide you with empathy and expertise, making sure you have all the practical and emotional support you need.

What is an inquest?

An inquest is a publicly held fact finding inquiry into the circumstances surrounding a death.  Its purpose is to establish where, when and how someone died.

Inquests are not held for every death.  They only take place if someone has died:

in custody;




or where the cause of death is uncertain.

The Coroner’s role is to establish the facts. It is not for the Coroner to determine, or appear to determine, any question of criminal or civil liability or to apportion guilt or attribute blame. However if the evidence gathered by the Coroner suggests that someone may be to blame for the death this may provide the grounds to establish disciplinary proceedings, a criminal investigation or a civil action for compensation.

How can our inquest solicitors help?

The role of Coroner dates back nearly a millennium to the years shortly following the Norman Conquest.  Whilst a lot has changed since then inquests are still conducted in a formal manner with complex legal procedures. A jury can sometime be involved and witnesses can be called to give evidence.  All of this can be frustrating and confusing, often overwhelming to the inexperienced.

Our inquest solicitors represent both families who have lost a loved one and interested parties or witnesses that may be called to give evidence to the circumstances surrounding a sudden death.

Our professional support and advice can help guide you through what can be a difficult and emotionally charged time. We can deal with all the relevant people and authorities on your behalf to make sure you have all the documentation relating to the inquest prior to the hearing. We can also arrange for expert representation at the inquest hearing to make sure that the issues you want to explore are fully examined and that your views are appropriately expressed.

Whether you are a relative of the deceased, an expert or a witness to events, we can guide you through the Coroner’s Inquest with empathy and expertise.

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