Why Choose Gard & Co?

Free initial consultation

This will provide you with an opportunity to assess whether Gard & Co are the firm for you on a completely no obligation basis.

Clear and transparent charges

We believe in setting out our fees and expenses in a clear and transparent way. Any verbal indication of cost will be followed in writing in a detailed terms of business letter. You can judge our words against actions, even before you have made a decision to instruct us. No draft contract no feeIf your transaction does not proceed beyond the preliminary work or heads of terms phase and before the sale contract has been drafted, no legal fees will be charged. Whilst this does not include any agreed expenses already incurred, this approach can save you hundreds of pounds and is a clear demonstration of our client focus.

Highly competitive fees

The hourly rates of solicitors in London & the Home Counties can be as much as £1000. Our fees are based on the seniority and experience of our solicitors and are highly competitive.

Excellent negotiation skills

Our role is to help you crystallise the main terms and structure of the contract that you have reached in principle. What marks the good commercial solicitor apart from the rest is the ability to use a blend of hard bargaining, tact and diplomacy according to circumstances. Our solicitors have excellent negotiation skills, which can mean the difference between a transaction succeeding or failing.

Attentive to detail

Opportunity and great ideas combined with energy and enthusiasm do not alone guarantee success in business, “the devil is in the detail”. Even if you have secured and agreed the main terms of the contract, any oversight on the final legal contract can be likened to “building a house on sand”.
Experienced commercial solicitorsOur solicitors have dealt with countless complex commercial transactions and, using their experience, are able to add value to the legal contracts they negotiate by substantially reducing your risk, saving you money or improving your prospects of securing financial benefits.

Successful in their own right

They say that if you want something done you should approach a busy person. This is often because the individual concerned is successful. Our solicitors have each established a strong reputation and following through dedication to providing excellent professional service, something which Gard & Co has achieved for nearly 200 years.

Pro-active case management

Our solicitors carry a lean caseload to allow them the capacity and flexibility to drive your transaction forward.  Assuming that we have the co-operation of the other party and their representatives we will help to bring your transaction in on time and within budget.

Regular progress reports

Where possible we will communicate with you by email.  We will copy you in on pertinent correspondence with all parties so that you are involved in each step of the journey from instruction to completion and beyond.

Good & careful communication

Gard & Co solicitors leave their egos at home and use their negotiation skills and charm to secure your goals and more besides.

Expedited transactions

If circumstances arise where you are asked to move more quickly than first envisaged you can be confident that we are able to support you in that goal. We are able to respond rapidly because our solicitors only carry a small number of transactions at any one time.

“Out of hours” contact

We recognise that events in transactions do not always fit neatly into normal working hours and accordingly we are able to work flexibly to meet such needs as and when required.

Friendly & courteous

Confident experts sometimes appear arrogant. Gard & Co has always adopted a friendly and respectful culture and this is reflected in our conscientious and courteous approach, not only with our clients but with all other parties who may be involved in your transaction.

National reputation

If you are looking for a law firm with a factory approach then Gard & Co may not be the firm for you. We offer legal services through specialist departments. We have achieved notable successes for our clients and have a strong reputation for pragmatic and affordable expertise well beyond the local region.

Advice in plain English

Understanding your objectives and providing you with specialist legal expertise in a clear, precise and professional manner using plain English is our primary focus. Our solicitors seek to avoid using technical legal language but where this is unavoidable we will ensure a crystal clear explanation is given in easy to understand English.

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