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Industrial Diseases

At Gard & Co. we will ensure that anyone pursuing a claim arising from industrial disease receives the highest possible standards of representation. Our specialist lawyers have many years experience in handling claims of this nature.

Examples of workplace illness or industrial disease cases which we deal with are:

Many workers are unaware that their health problems relate to their occupation. As an example those who have worked with vibrating tools may suffer numbness, pins and needles, and reduced dexterity of the fingers and hands without understanding the connection with their occupation. In addition those that develop respiratory disease or an asbestos related illness may also be unaware that this is connected to their past and possibly present occupation.

Unfortunately it is often the case that workers suffer industrial disease as a result of working conditions simply because their employer has breached one of a number of laws covering Health and Safety at Work. We can advise you specifically on your accident at work claim.

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