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Vibtation White Finger - Road Drill

Vibration hazards in the workplace can lead to workers suffering irreversible and disabling injury.  Anyone who is regularly exposed to high levels of vibration in the workplace can suffer injury.  Through our expertise we have assisted many such workers to recover compensation for their injuries.

Vibration hazards at work can either effect a particular part of the body, e.g. the hands, through the regular use of hand held power tools (hand – arm vibration) or the whole body through the operation of plant machinery (whole body vibration).  Injury is often irreversible and prevention is the best cure.

Vibration white finger is a prescribed disease that results from using hand held machinery/power tools usually over lengthy periods  of time.  Typical symptoms can include tingling and numbness in the fingers followed by the fingers turning white and aching.  Cold weather can cause increased and more painful attacks.  Symptoms may not develop until months or sometimes years after carrying out this sort of work.

Typical occupations effected can include:

  • dockyard workers
  • construction industry workers
  • forestry workers
  • factory workers

Risk of injury is not necessarily confined to the hands.  Other effects can include damage to the nerves, muscles and internal organs such as in the case of whole body vibration cases.

If you suspect you may be suffering from symptoms due to exposure to vibration in your workplace, then you should consult your doctor and report your symptoms to your employer who has a duty of care to eliminate/reduce vibration injury risks.

If you believe you are suffering from an injury due to exposure to vibration in the workplace, then please contact our expert lawyers for free advice.  Even if you were exposed to the vibration many years ago, the injury may only recently have been diagnosed and you may still be able to claim compensation.  If in doubt then please contact us to make sure.

If diagnosed with a vibration induced injury in the last three years contact Simon, James (Jim) or James for free confidential advice on 01752 668246, or if you prefer simply click here to arrange your free initial compensation claim meeting.

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