Cohabitation agreements

Cohabitation - couple on beach

Cohabitation agreements are drawn up when couples decide not to marry but wish to live together and protect their property.


A cohabitation agreement helps to clarify the often complicated financial commitments involved in a relationship, especially were children are involved.

It focuses the mind on future planning.  Strangely, being forced to think about how you will deal with unplanned events, such as another child, long term illness, death or separation, can also give you an unexpected sense of confidence for a more stable future.

Whilst the court has the power to overturn or disregard the agreement, in whole or in part, if you have both had independent legal advice and have fully and frankly shared with each other your financial position, it is unlikely to do so.

What is in it?

A cohabitation agreement should be tailor made to your specific circumstances.

We can guide you through what it needs to contain to give you the best possible outcome should matters become difficult in the future.

There is no guarantee that a court will uphold a cohabitation agreement if it were contested.  But to best ensure that it does you must ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that the agreement is properly worded to clearly show the intentions of both partners.

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