Armed forces pensions

Armed Forces Pensions

The court deals with pensions held by members of the armed forces using exactly the same orders as any other pension.

However, the process of obtaining all the information needed to prepare the case for the court in the first place is more complex and potentially time consuming than with most private pensions.  These pensions are often of significant value and you need to make sure you get advice to achieve the right outcome.

There are specific forms that need to be accurately completed and set time scales involved.  If this is not done correctly there can be lengthy time delays in obtaining the information the court requires.  Of course, without the information, the court cannot decide upon the financial settlement and make a clean break which is considered to be fair.

Once the divorce process has begun it is usual to want it finished as soon as possible.  To avoid any unnecessary delays contact one of our experienced solicitors who are well practiced in dealing with Armed Forces Pensions.

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