What do you do if you have an accident at work?

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Over 10,000 accidents happen at work every year in the South West despite employers having a legal obligation to ensure an employee’s safety.


  • you are seriously injured at work and not able to return.
  • your employer denies any wrongdoing and has no record of your accident occurring.
  • your colleagues stop communicating with you.

How can you avoid a situation like this?   Follow these few steps:

  • record your accident in the accident book. Make sure what is written is true and don’t sign it if it is not correct. If you can’t find the accident book make a note of the accident on a piece of paper. Sign the paper and give it to your employer, keeping a copy for yourself.
  • record the names of witnesses to the accident.
  • record the name of anyone who admits responsibility.
  • record your employers insurance company details and policy number. If this is not on display, ask for the details.
  • take photographs of the object or machinery which caused the injury.
  • if you slip on liquid then record the type of liquid, the exact location and the likely source and the approximate size of the pool. If possible take photographs as well as measurements.
  • if you are taken to hospital ensure the doctor makes an accurate note of what happened.
  • if you are not taken to hospital make an appointment with your GP in order to get your injuries checked. Make sure they have an accurate record of what happened.
  • if you are seriously injured and as a result are off work for 3 days or more then check that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been informed of the accident.

You may be able to prove that your employers are to blame for your accident and as a result claim for the costs of medical treatment and private rehabilitation in addition to claiming for some compensation.

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Gard and Co have a specialist accident compensation team which maintains complete independence from insurers to ensure that their clients receive the best legal service, with nothing to pay if you lose.

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