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Whatever your level of experience in commercial development there is a myriad of potential hazards that could trip you up. Some of the factors you may have to deal with are:

  • securing the most appropriately structured finance
  • the establishment of joint ventures
  • site acquisition, stamp duty mitigation
  • environmental issues and due diligence generally
  • acquiring necessary rights and easements
  • release or variation of restrictive covenants
  • planning agreements
  • negotiation and completion of road and drainage agreements
  • negotiation of building contracts and collateral warranties
  • the preparation and review of unit transfers/leases
  • the inclusion of the right balance of covenants to facilitate the smooth day to day running of the development
  • disposal of developed units


How our commercial development solicitors can help

Commercial development goes far beyond conveyancing and demands a close understanding of your practical requirements.  That is why we would work closely with you so that we can recognise potential problems before they arise.

As with most things, it is the time and effort put in at the beginning of a venture that shapes and forms its later development.  We understand that careful planning and meticulous attention to detail at the acquisition stage will allow you to develop the site without subsequent legal difficulties.  And because your title documentation should satisfy even the most painstaking of buyers’/tenants’ solicitors, it will also save time and money later when dealing with disposal.

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