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Noise induced hearing loss can be caused by either a one time exposure to an intense ‘impulse’ (such as an explosion or gun shot, for example on a firing range), or by continuous exposure to loud sounds over an extended period of time (such as noise generated in a factory or whilst working in close proximity to noisy industrial or agricultural machinery).

If exposed to loud noise, either one time exposure or over a long period, your hearing may become distorted or muffled and it may become difficult for you to understand speech, particularly in the presence of other background noise.  You may also experience a ringing sound in one or both ears, either intermittently or permanently.  This is referred to as tinnitus.

It is generally the case that employers should have known of the risk of exposing employees to excessive noise since 1963 and to take sufficient precautions to prevent any unsafe exposure.  Any unsafe exposure since 1963 that has led to noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus may mean that you can claim compensation.

Typical occupations effected include:

  • agricultural workers construction workers
  • engineers
  • factory workers
  • MOD personnel
  • plant operators
  • miners
  • quarry workers
  • transportation workers

In addition to securing the best possible award for your injuries, we will also assist you where appropriate to obtain the latest digital hearing aids and any recommended treatment to help improve your hearing.

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