On-line Wills Instruction Form

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Who do you want to be your executors? These can include your spouse or partner, other family members or close friends or professional bodies such as a solicitors firm. They will deal with the legal side of the administration of your estate after you die and pass your assets on to your beneficiaries.
Who do you want to be your trustees? These can be the same as your executors. They will look after the assets for those who are not old enough to receive them. There must be at least two.
Would you like to appoint guardians to look after your children?
Are there any specific gifts you would like to leave? e.g. '£500 to my neice, Ann Jones' or 'my car to my brother, Fred'
Who do you want to receive the balance of your assets after any specific gifts have been made (residuary estate)? This can be divided amongst whichever beneficiaries you wish and in whatever proportions.
It is often better to have reserve beneficiaries for your residuary estate so that you know where your assets will go in any circumstances.
Please list your joint assets and their values.
Please list your sole assets and their values.
Is there anything else you would like to go into your will? For instance, sometimes people put in instructions for their funeral or reasons why they are not giving gifts.
If any of your beneficiaries are children would you like them to inherit at a specific age? e.g. 18
Please ensure that you read through the form carefully before submitting it to us. The details you provide on this form will be those we use to prepare your will in draft for your approval.