Fatal Injury Solicitors

At Gard & Co. our experts are experienced in handling fatal accident claims.  We have been dealing  with this difficult and sensitive area for many years.

These claims are often complex, and can cause emotional suffering and financial hardship. The law is clear that dependents of the deceased are entitled to claim compensation and this can include husbands, wives and children together with civil partners.

Many types of claims can be made,  as an example, a person who was financially dependent upon (or dependent upon the services of) the deceased may be entitled to recover damages for the loss of that dependency. It is also possible to claim for the costs of any funeral expenses.

This is a complex area and we do recommend that you speak to one of our lawyers. Please contact Simon or James for free confidential advice on 01752 668246, or if you prefer simply click here to arrange your free initial compensation claim meeting.

Simon Jessett
James Bedford

If you are looking for a fatal injury solicitor in Plymouth, choose the Plymouth fatal injury solicitors, Gard & Co. Solicitors.