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As an example, the types of cosmetic treatments which most commonly result in hair loss, problems with sight, scarring, embarrassment and on occasion significant pain and discomfort are:

  • hairdressing
  • laser eye surgery
  • tattooing
  • piercing
  • beauty therapy

These service providers owe the people they are treating a duty of care to ensure that the service being provided is safe and hygienic. Unfortunately, many people are treated by staff who are unprofessional or untrained and who do not follow correct procedures. Equipment and premises are also often unhygienic.

Using unhygienic equipment for tattooing or piercing can result in terrible infections and permanent scarring. There have also been cases of people suffering partial or full hair loss or a significant scalp condition due to negligent hairdressing procedures.

Laser eye surgery has become increasingly popular and it is reported that over 100,000 sight corrective procedures take place every year. Unfortunately, this treatment is not always carried out by properly trained staff and there are risks which can result in sight being adversely affected and even further operations being necessary (in serious cases).

If you have received unsatisfactory cosmetic treatment of any kind within the last three years which has resulted in you suffering an injury such as permanent scarring, partial or full hair loss, loss or interference of sight or significant infection, then you should contact our expert lawyers for free advice.

In addition to securing the best possible award for your injuries, we will also assist you where appropriate to obtain any recommended treatment to help treat your symptoms including skin camouflage for permanent scarring.

If you believe that you are entitled to a compensation claim then call Simon, James (Jim) or James for free confidential advice on 01752 668246, or if you prefer simply click here to arrange your free initial compensation claim meeting.

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