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With more couples now choosing to live together than ever before, many cohabiting couples fail to realise that they do not enjoy the same rights or legal protection as married couples or civil partners.  You can find out more about this in our article on living together as an unmarried couple.

If you are living with your partner or intend to live with your partner it is important that you think about taking steps to safeguard yourself and any children.

You could find yourself in a very vulnerable position if, for example, you separate from your partner and the property is held in their sole name and you do not have an agreement setting out your intentions regarding what should happen with the property (or any other assets).

How our cohabitation solicitors can help

It is important that you ensure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Such steps could involve entering into a Cohabitation Agreement which records arrangements between couples who have decided to live together. Our experienced team of solicitors can help you negotiate a fair agreement to ensure that you are not left in a vulnerable situation in the future and draft the documentation to ensure your intentions are expressed in the way which will protect you.

We are here to ensure that any agreement provides a clear outline of the arrangements you have agreed as a couple. Ensuring you have a Cohabitation Agreement in place and discussing each person’s rights and obligations can avoid the animosity, cost and uncertainty of litigation in the event the relationship comes to an end.  When drafted properly it will maximise the chances of the agreement being upheld by a Court in the event of separation in the future.

A Cohabitation Agreement can be used to protect future assets, such as inheritance, in addition to current assets.  It can also protect assets you have from any previous relationship and any inheritance for your children.

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