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Home Modifications - stair lift

Many clients that have suffered a serious injury find that their current home is not suitable for their new condition.  For instance, most homes are not designed for easy access to all areas by wheelchair.  Or a seriously disabled person may require in-house care and find that their home is simply not large enough to accommodate them.

In most cases, modifications can be made to the existing home by widening doorways, adding ramps, building extensions and similar.  If this is not possible then a new home may have to be purchased.

The cost of these modifications and/or the additional expense of buying a larger home can be claimed as part of your compensation.  A claim may include some or all of the following elements:

  • The additional cost of buying a bigger house or bungalow
  • estate agent’s fees, conveyancing costs, stamp duty and other costs associated with the move
  • cost of adapting your existing or new property including architects’ fees and planning permission fees
  • cost of the adaptation work itself
  • costs of specialist equipment that may be needed, for example hoists, lifts, rails etc
  • the cost of electric doors and windows and similar that allow the injured person control over their environment.
  • any increase in the annual costs of running a larger home

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