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If you are involved in a legal dispute or owed money then our efficient, professional and approachable staff are here to help you.

We provide advice to individuals and businesses in an extensive range of dispute matters from commercial or partnership disputes to contracts for the supply of goods and/or services and debt recovery.

We ensure that we understand your concerns and aims and make you aware of the costs that will be associated with your case, helping you to stay in control of what you spend.

Where possible we make every effort to resolve disputes without having recourse to court proceedings. Mediation has become more common now and we regularly assist our clients to take part in mediation meetings and assist our clients to explore alternative ways of resolving disputes so as to minimize costs.

You are welcome to contact us to arrange a free first interview.

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If you are looking for a dispute resolution solicitor in Plymouth, Plympton, Plymstock and the surrounding area, choose the Plymouth dispute resolution solicitors, Gard & Co. Solicitors.