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Asthma - Lung x-ray

The Health and Safety Executive (a government organization) has confirmed that:

‘In 2007/08 an estimated 36,000 individuals who worked in the last 12 months suffered, “breathing or lung problems” which they believed to be work-related, according to the Labour Force Survey.  This estimate includes respiratory diseases other than just occupational asthma.’

Asthma is the most common of all the reported work-related breathing complaints. There are also many other known conditions including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumoconiosis (dust in the lungs).

Your employer owes you a duty to ensure that you are not exposed to breathing in fumes, chemicals, dusts and even flour particles at work.

Occupations known to be most at risk are:

  • bakers and flour confectioners
  • transport equipment manufacturers
  • rubber and plastic product manufacturers
  • vehicle paint sprayers
  • ship or boat builders
  • metal treatment workers
  • chemical factory workers
  • coal miners
  • construction industry

In addition to securing the best possible award for your injuries, we will also assist you where appropriate to obtain any recommended treatment for your condition.

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